18mm Beige Italian Suede Vintage Watch Band Strap BandRBands

18mm Beige Vintage Suede Watch Band

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Our Vintage Suede line is a customer favorite, and for good reason. It's an excellent alternative to leather, has a stunning texture, and is oh so comfy. We love wearing these straps along with our favorite sweaters, leather boots, and belts.

Crafted from the finest and softest Italian suede which is then fully leather lined to maximize comfort. With attention to detail, each strap is taper cut with precision revealing the straps edges to enhance the vintage look. In its final stage, the strap is then carefully sewn with a matching thread bringing out the elegance of the strap.

Lug Width 18mm
Length 120/80mm
Buckle Width 16mm
Thickness 3mm
Material Italian Suede
Buckle Stainless Steel
Stitch Matching

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