18mm Hermes Watch Band Strap made from Navy French Leather with classic stitching BandRBands

18mm Navy Textured calf Leather Watch Band

Price: $69.99
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Rich, Classic & Elegant are just some of the words that come to mind for describing the Navy textured calf strap. Made from select French leathers, with a unique grainy texture, the Navy textured calf strap will definitely add beauty & class to any watch. The strap is crafted with an appealing taper, and finished off with an elegant white stitch carefully sewn by hand. Whether it be a Patek Philippe, Heuer, or Universal Geneve, you'll be sure to have an exquisite combo with one quick strap change.

Lug Width 18mm

Small - 105/65mm
Medium - 120/75mm
Buckle Width 16mm
Thickness 2mm
Material Textured French Leather
Buckle Stainless Steel
Stitch Handsewn White

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