18mm Terracotta Horween Vintage Leather Watch Band

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Price: $49.99
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We love the classics, the timeless designs that are here to stay. This strap definitely falls into that genre. Crafted from leather from Chicago's renowned tannery, Horween Leather Co which dates back to 1905, there is definitely a lot of heritage & history going into each strap.

These straps have a light print embossed on the leather adding a rich dynamic to the strap. You'll experience first hand the patina process as the strap ages with wear. The strap has a sleek appealing taper which adds to the elegance of the strap. With attention to detail, each strap is carefully sewn with a beautiful matching minimal stitch.

Lug Width 18mm
Buckle Width 16mm
Length 120/80mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Material Horween Leather
Buckle Stainless Steel
Stitch Matching

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