Grigio Badalassi Carlo Pueblo Vintage Heritage Watch Band

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Price: $74.99
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The first & essential step in creating a quality watch strap is sourcing premium leathers for the project. We were therefore thrilled when we found this stunning leather from the famed Italian tannery Badalassi Carlo. Badalassi Carlo has a prominent name in the world of leather, and with over 40 years of experience there is definitely a lot of heritage built into each strap.

Crafted from Badalassi Carlo's Pueblo leather, this leather is a full grain Italian leather that goes through a vegetable tanning process. The leather has a beautiful marbleized grain that gives the strap a unique rustic look. With attention to detail, each strap has a sharp looking heat stamp line bordering the strap, adding to the richness and detail of the strap. With wear you'll experience first hand as the strap ages & develops patina. In it's final stages, the strap is carefully sewn by hand with a premium waxed black thread.

Due to the nature of leather, each strap can have different markings and colorations, making each strap unique with it's own character.

Lug Width Choose 18mm/20mm/22mm

Small - 110/70mm
Medium - 18mm - 120/75mm
Medium - 20mm/22mm - 120/80mm
Taper 18mm/16mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Material Badalassi Carlo Italian Leather
Buckle Stainless Steel
Stitch Handsewn Black

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